MRS 2000

What is the MRS 2000?

Think of the MRS 2000 (Magnetic Resonance Stimulation) as a Whole Body Battery Recharger. The 70 trillion cells in your body are actually miniature batteries that store charge. The MRS 2000 works with a pulsating magnetic field frequency (replicating the earth's magnetic field) and literally bathes the body in electrons that re-charge every cell in your body. Healthy cells allow the body to heal itself. So you see, health is really all about energy. The healthier your cells are, the healthier YOU are!

MRS 2000 helps with the following:

  • pain reduction
  • stress reduction
  • improved sleep
  • better blood circulation
  • increased energy
  • healthy metabolism
  • cellular rejuvenation
  • digestion
  • scar tissue
  • depression
  • arthritis
  • osterporosis
  • anti-aging
  • plus much more...

Watch video testimonials for the MRS 2000 here.

The MRS also protects us from the "electro-magnetic smog" (radiation) caused by cell phones, computers, and other electronics in our daily lives.

MRS 2000 - Ultimate Healing ExperienceThe MRS 2000 is clinically proven, widely accepted with over 1,000 studies, and currently benefiting over 400,000 satisfied customers in Europe, Canada, and the U.S.

MRS Sessions: 30 minutes - $30
MRS Rental
......... $150 Weekly
......... $500 Monthly
MRS Unit for Purchase: $4000 
MRS Unit plus SLRS (Sound, Light, Relaxation Machine): $4500

For more information on purchasing an MRS 2000 unit, please contact Adeline at (212) 533-2975.