"Two years ago I was in a serious car accident that resulted in two herniations in my lower back. Through consistent physical therapy and chiropractic care I become relatively pain free, but never really felt the same. However, since using the MRS, my back actually feels the way it did BEFORE the accident. I am currently enjoying a level of strength, flexibility and freedom that I had previously believed to be unattainable. I’m very grateful to Adeline for providing these sessions and would recommend it to anyone living with chronic pain."

Jason V. 
College Professor

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Multiple Sclerosis and the MRS 2000

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"My husband Ed and I have been flying since we’ve started using the MRS!  My energy, focus, and mood has so increased.  My kids love it…twice a day.  We even put our dog Webster on it. I’m bringing it to the dance studio and already have 4 dancers using it 2-3 times a week.  Thank you so much for bringing the MRS into our lives.  We are truly blessed to have this.  My dad was here for 2 days and he couldn’t get enough of it!!"

Laurie D.
Dance Studio Owner
(owner of an MRS 2000)

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"MRS is a life-saver." -John
John - Knee Pain

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"A visit to Adeline for massage and facial rejuvenation is an absolute oasis in New York City life. I look forward to these experiences with eager anticipation and I am never disappointed. Adeline brings a deep sensitivity, humanity, and generosity to her work, along with great skill, finesse and commitment. I emerge transformed and transported! I’ve often felt as if I’ve taken a sensory voyage back to Cleopatra’s ablutions chambers, where ancient arts of massage and aromatic potions caress, heal and rejuvenate."

Judith Grodowitz,
Alexander Technique,
New York & Greece

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"Adeline Notarino gives you the ultimate youthening experience. I have been going to her for four years and since I travel a lot I have seen many exclusive spas around the world. She outdoes the expensive spa treatments uncomparably every time. After her treatment my skin glows, fine lines that are caused by stress and toxicity disappeared magically through her healing hands. The energy with which any therapist or even doctor performs I found is equally if not more important than technique. Adeline has the most nurturing energy I ever found in a therapist. She uses exquisite products and high quality essential oils and always plays deeply healing music. Every touch is precisely firm when it's supposed to be and gentle when it's supposed to be. It will be completely tuned into you.  The healing massage charges acupuncture points and therefore your electromagnetic body. It clears the lymphatic system and blood and more importantly the depth of relaxation you walk out with equals a mini- vacation. Enjoy the bliss."

Alexandra , NYC
Model and Actress

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"Adeline Notarino is one of the first people I met upon moving to New York, and she remains my longest relationship!

"I had had facials before, which left me red and feeling raw and a bit beaten up, and wasn't interested in anymore of that, but I knew my skin needed some TLC. From the first visit, I was hooked!  Adeline is warm and welcoming from the first phone call. It's really like spending an hour with your best girlfriend. The experience is truly one for all the senses; from the moment you enter her loving oasis, the fragrant air begins to work its magic. You can feel the tension slip away with Adeline's gentle touch and expert knowledge of her craft.

"A shoulder massage and reflexology foot rub make this an experience you simply cannot describe, except to say you'll feel completely nurtured. I have been fortunate enough to make a trip to Adeline a monthly ritual, and I can see a difference no cream or moisturizer can possibly match. My skin is smoother to the touch and looks healthier. It's also my favorite gift to give the special people in my life. You must try this, and I guarantee you will be back! Thank you, Adeline!"

Deirdre, Actress